Safe Surface 500ml Bundle - Spray Can & Hand Sanitiser

Safe Surface 500ml Bundle - Spray Can & Hand Sanitiser

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The Safe Surface hand sanitiser is a great way of getting rid of bacteria and fungus, with an effectiveness of 99.9% in destroying harmful microbes.

It’s easy to use, no water or soap required it leaves the skin feeling clean, refreshed and soft! The hand sanitiser will reduce the risk of disease and contamination

The quick drying, non-sticky formula is packed with nutrients and moisturisers as to soften skin and leave it protected, clean and cared for.

  • Contains 70% Ethanol Alcohol
  • Protects Against 99.9% of Bacteria
  • Contains Moisturisers to Nourish Hands
  • Protects the Skin from Contamination
  • Non-Sticky Formula
  • Quick Drying



SAFE SURFACE 500ml aerosol is perfect for small areas such as offices, shops and around the home. Our mist spray is expertly designed to sanitise and disinfect difficult to reach and intricate areas with full surface coverage.

Specially formulated to destroy both bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus) for up to five hours on a variety of surfaces such as handles, handrails, doors, tables and desks, and other areas of frequent contact, with just one single coating.

Active biocides present in the formulation provide a longer lasting protection than alcohol based preparations. It does not stain, is non-corrosive and will give a streak and smear free finish to most polished surfaces including glass and stainless steel.

  • Tested to BS EN 1276 European Standards
  • Activates Instantly
  • Skin Safe
  • 5 hours of Protection
  • Easy to use

Perfect for offices, conference centres, sports clubs, educational and care facilities and motor vehicles, as well as entertainment and hospitality venues, including restaurants and pubs. It is safe to use on the skin and alcohol free, meaning that there is no drying or irritation to the skin.




This is a bundle of one of each 500ml product.